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I am an educator and creative technologist, exploring the possibilities of human and computer language at the intersection of digital media, design, and teaching. In addition to my courses and writing, I think through making projects such as the following.
Outbreak to Pandemic
MUGEN: Mini UnGame ENgine
Brute Force Manifesto
Design Hero
Real-Time Workshop
Studio Work
Industry Experience
My professional experience includes work at award-winning studios like Sosolimited, C&G Partners, and Fathom Information Design for clients ranging from educational institutions to global corporate brands.
Technical Capacities
HTML, CSS, JavaScript,
Java, Python, C++, Swift, Open/WebGL

Portfolio Inquiries
logos, pathos
A design should speak for itself, but writing is an important way I clarify my thinking, recall my excitement about a project, and share my thoughts and findings with others.
// Research Paper
MUGEN: Teaching code to design students through game-making
This article, presented at the International Association for Societies of Design Research 2020 Conference, and published in the proceedings, outlines a pedagogical tool I am developing to teach computer coding in design through game-making. It covers the theoretical underpinnings of the approach, along with a case study of the resultant MUGEN tool and its initial pilot test.
IASDR 2020 Conference→ read more

// Exhibition Review
Toward a Concrete Utopia: Architecture in Yugoslavia (MoMA)
Toward a Concrete Utopia reflects the architectural projects it documents: idealistic, complex, and ambitious. The exhibition introduces viewers to the frequently overlooked realm of Yugoslavian design through the works of some 175 creators, represented by over 400 artifacts, including a number of new photographs and models commissioned by MoMA.
Design and Culture, 11, no. 1 (2019)→ read more

// Exhibition Review
Thinking Machines: Art and Design in the Computer Age (MoMA)
Defining “The Computer Age,” let alone giving a representative sample of its works, is a monumental task, giving rise to thorny questions. Is the Computer Age best characterized as an historical period, or as a nexus of technological and theoretical concerns? Is it more illuminating to think of computation as a medium, or as a technique that artists apply to their media?
Design and Culture 10, no. 2 (2018): 219–23→ read more

// Exhibition Review
Ettore Sottsass: Design Radical (Met Breuer)
Ettore Sottsass (1917 – 2007) is not a household name, but the Italian architect and designer left his mark on the popular style of multiple decades with pieces like his Pop-infused Valentine typewriter for Olivetti in 1969, and his work with the Memphis design collective, which he co-founded in 1981, and whose colorful patterns and geometric forms helped define the look of the eighties. A recent retrospective exhibition gave viewers a much deeper view of Sottsass’ lengthy career on the centenary year of the designer’s birth.
Design and Culture 10, no. 1 (2018): 103–6 → read more

// MFA thesis
The proliferation of digital creative tools has transformed the media landscape around us in ways that give graphic designers an important role in the cultural discourse of our time — if we choose to engage with it. This thesis presents a historical and technological framework for understanding the importance of that transformation, in an age when computers have become mediators of nearly all other media. → available at the RISD library

// Fathom blog
The Architecture of Typography
Typography has become part of the public consciousness like never before. An ever-increasing variety of people, aside from graphic designers, are discussing kerning, rags, and favorite (or most hated) typefaces. This dispersion of design across a variety of audiences resonates strongly with Fathom, as we intentionally pursue projects that cross creative domains. → read more

// Fathom blog
Radio Redefined
Some of us at Fathom are easily sucked into geeky hobbies. When I first came across a site dedicated to SDR, or software defined radio, I turned my desk into a makeshift communication outpost for several days to learn the basics. It turned out to be surprisingly relevant to our core interests of data visualization and programming. → read more

// Fathom blog
Real-time Workshop
We recently returned from a whirlwind road trip to SUNY New Paltz, to present at their inaugural Design Week… The goal was to provide a point of departure for getting involved in code and data, and we were quite happy with the results. The students, many of whom had little or no prior coding experience, hacked, tweaked, cut-and-pasted, and coded from scratch to create a variety of digital timepieces. → read more

// Fathom blog
How to Share 20,000 Maps
The social–sharing experience is a crucial and often overlooked element of information design. In addition to updating content and the UI/UX of our latest site, we are constantly developing its “shareability.” → read more

// Fathom blog
Brace Yourselves… Reddit is coming
Last Wednesday afternoon we noticed a massive traffic surge on the Fathom website, with all visitors loading one specific image of the All Streets project from 2008. How random! A quick glance at the referring page data showed us the cause: someone had come across All Streets and shared it on Reddit’s dataisbeautiful subreddit. And it was blowing up on the front page. → read more
As a User Experience Engineer, I combine my hybrid capabilities in design and code to explore creative possibilities through prototypes and demos, while catalyzing cross-functional collaboration between stakeholders representing design, engineering, product management, and other interests.

If you are interested in more information about my work or interests, please say hi at!